bodyTalkcommunityThe SFBTA Values: Service, Community, Cooperation, Integrity
As BodyTalk practitioners and educators, we recognize that service to our community is primary. We, as a group, value cooperation and integrity as a basis for creating a strong and healthy BodyTalk community in our to serve the larger community.

 SFBTA Mission Statement
The South Florida BodyTalk Association promotes the BodyTalk System through community outreach and supports the professional development, ongoing education and growth of local BodyTalk practitioners and students.

Extended Mission:
The South Florida BodyTalk Association educates South Florida about the effectiveness of the BodyTalk System for health, balance and well-being. The SFBTA increases public awareness of the BodyTalk System by performing community outreach through public clinics, lectures and demonstrations of the BodyTalk System. Certified BodyTalk Practitioners of the SF BTA support fellow colleagues and local BodyTalk students in ongoing professional growth, knowledge and skill development, as well as in personal development and well being.

childrenSFBTA Goals
Community Outreach
Growth and evolution of the South Florida BodyTalk Community
Reflect the ideals, goals and teachings of the International BodyTalk Association
Personal and Professional Development of Practitioners and Students